La Biennale di Venezia

IV. Freespace
Tila – Biennale Architettura 2018 Venezia 


“The exhibit creates an intimate domestic space within which this story is revealed in two acts: the framework for living, and the story of occupation. They communicate a rich story, the end result of a complex and challenging journey for the architects.” YF + SMcN


“This exhibit communicates an extremely inventive framework for living, created in the Tila House in Helsinki. We see this project as a transformative typology for habitation in that it provides the freespace for the occupants to inhabit a given volume in a variety of different ways.” YF + SMcN

Emmet Scanlon - Pia Ilonen - Yvonne Farrell

“The strategic moves are the invention of the project and the provision of generous spatial gifts to the user.” YF + SMcN


“These architects broke free from the normal restrictive methods of providing places for living, challenging the typical approach to development, determined to show that alternatives are possible.” YF + SMcN

Biennale Architettura, 16th International Architecture Exhibition // Venice, Italy // 2018